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Self-Serve Dog Wash FAQ
Q. How much is it to wash my own dog?
A. Our self-serve dog wash is $18.00 per dog.

Q. Is it the same price for all dogs?

A. Yes. Any dog, BIG or small.

Q. Do you offer multiple dog discounts?

A.  No, however Tuesdays are only $12.00 per dog, and your tenth DIY bath is always free.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. All we ask is that you bring your dog in on a leash.

Q. Do you require a record of vaccinations?

A. No, but we do suggest you stay current with your veterinarian recommendations.

Q. What do you provide?

A. We provide waist high tubs, shampoos, towels, dryers, brushes and everything you might need.

Q. Can I use my own shampoo?
A. Yes, you may bring your own dog washing supplies.

Q. What kind of tubs do you have?

A. We have raised tubs. so you can wash comfortably at waist-level. We also have stairs to help ease bigger dogs into the tubs. If you need help, we are there for you and your pet.
Note: We do not have a floor-level washing area.

Q. Do you offer a variety of shampoos?
A. Yes, we provide hypo-allergenic, whitening, medicated, and Ultimate shampoo which smells really good. We will also provide conditioner if you like.

Q. Does a flea & tick bath cost extra?
A. Yes, it costs a few dollars more.

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